Frequently Asked Questions

Google Speakers require your phone to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to play the Azan at the scheduled times.

In contrast, Alexa devices do not depend on a Wi-Fi connection to your phone and can play the Azan even if your phone is turned off.

Additionally, Google Speakers rely on a mobile app to function, whereas Alexa offers a web-based, one-time setup solution, making it more convenient for users who prefer not to rely on their phones for their smart speaker's functionality.

  1. Please make sure you have enabled the Routine correctly within Alexa App.
  2. Please make sure you are using same Amazon Account for Alexa App and
  3. Sometimes disabling and re-enabling the skill solves a lot of issues.
  4. Supported languages for speakers are english, german, french, arabic & us spanish.
  5. if you hear a beep or doorbell sound instead of athan then, open your Alexa App and choose the Devices icon in the lower right part of the screen. Next choose All Devices and scroll through the list to find your Smart Azan device, select it, then switch the Doorbell Press Announcements slider to the off position.
  6. if you get error Unable to link accounts. Your Alexa app needs an update, then try to enable the SmartAzan Skill through Chrome Browser. Visit Amazon website & search for smart azan skill then enable it)

No. For Google Speaker's Your Phone needs to be powered-on and on same same wifi. (Advance Users can setup a VPN to play Adhan even when not on same wifi using IP ADDRESS)
However, Alexa, its fully cloud based solution. You dont need your phone or wifi connection for it to work. you just need a Web Browser to do the setup (once).

  1. Make Sure Your Phone and Smart Speakers are on SAME WIFI
  2. Reboot your Phone & Google Speaker's'
  3. Check your Router settings if you are using wifi-mesh system or multiple access points.
  4. Try Adding the IP Address of your Smart Speaker Instead.
  5. Try SmartAzan Pro App instead (For Android)

  1. Simply say, 'Hey Google, what's my IP address,' or follow the steps below to locate the IP
  2. Open the Google Home app.
  3. Touch and hold your device's tile.
  4. At the top right, tap Settings, Then Device information.
  5. The IP Address should be listed under Technical information. If it’s not, check the device's Wi-FI connection/Router Setting's'.

Yes, however you can enable the sleep mode and Adhan will still play. Click here for more info.

Yes, You can Group Multiple speakers using Google Home App. Click here for more info.

Yes, create multiple routines with the same step's, however each routine needs to have its own speaker selected.

Alexa Users: Log in to and click on the Settings Gear icon in the upper left corner. Then, tap on "Customize Athan Settings.", or simply Click here to adjust Athan Times.
Google Users: Open your Android App and click on the Settings Gear to Adjust Times.

Google Users: Open Your Android App, Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner and then tap 'Unlock Features.' This will remove the message, and you will also have the option to play Dua after the Athan. Make sure your app is updated.
Alexa Users: We are working on adding premium features. Not only will you be able to disable the message, but more features will be available in the near future. Until we finalize the subscription model, all Alexa users can enjoy an ad-free experience.

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