Azan Player For Google Home/Nest / Amazon Alexa / Computer Speakers

  • Play Adhan/Azan Automatically on Google Home (Nest Mini) / Windows Speakers / Amazon Alexa / Raspberry pi Speakers.
  •  Adhan is played automatically on correct times.
  •  Adjust Adhan Times for your own local masjid.
  •  Save Energy. Supports Windows SLEEP mode.
  •  Group Multiple Speakers to play Adhan within entire home. (Using Google Home App)
  •  Set Volume / Mute certain Adhans.
  •  Schedule Surah's to play at anytime.
  •  Customize Adhan reciters.
  •  Setup takes few seconds. Easy setup. Absolutely FREE FOREVER
  •  Automate Adhan for Windows PC speakers, Google Home speakers, or use Raspberry pi instead of PC.
  •  Watch YouTube Video for instructions.
  • Android app in development. (soon to be released)
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